Professor Cristin Print

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Cris is a Kiwi medical scientist who completed an MBChB at Auckland Medical School followed by asthma research in Dunedin and a PhD in Auckland under the supervision of Geoff Krissansen and Jim Watson. After a mini-postdoctoral period in Auckland he spent 4 years as a postdoctoral fellow at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in Melbourne studying apoptosis under supervision of Suzanne Cory and Jerry Adams, and 6 years at Cambridge University in England in the Department of Pathology working with Andrew Wyllie, and as a Fellow of St Edmund's College.  He returned to work in New Zealand in September 2005, but still has PhD students and involvement in projects in the UK.

Over the last 10 years Cris has become increasingly interested in the conservative use of bioinformatics to improve our understanding of pathology. He is especially keen on work that brings bioinformatic information together with clinicopathological information and traditional cell biology/transgenic studies. He is involved in teaching, and is keen to help medical students and postgraduate students understand the value of research that translates from lab to clinic. In the past two years he has given 20 invited talks on the application of bioinformatics to medicine. Cris is a keen believer in collaboration between Universities and Pharmaceutical / Biotechnology companies, and has had successful collaborations with several companies including Pfizer Global research and a biotechnology company he co-founded in Japan named GNI Ltd. Most of the work Cris' laboratory undertakes involves collaboration with researchers from other disciplines, such as the Bioengineering Institute.