Fay Sowerby

faye sowerby.jpeg

Fay is a Board Member of Breast Cancer CURE (2009-Present), a member of the Health Research Council Breast Cancer Research Partnership Assessment Committee (2013-Present), Secretary of Breast Cancer Aotearoa Coalition (2015-Present), a member of Breast Cancer Trials (formerly ANZBCTG) Communications and Fundraising Committee (2017-Present), a member of the New Zealand Breast Cancer Special Interest Group (2017-Present).

Fay sought appointment to Breast Cancer Cure’s (formerly Breast Cancer Research Trust) Board to ensure funding for ongoing research to improve early detection, predictive and prognostic diagnosis with the discovery and development of new targeted and immune therapies and prevention. Fay joined Breast Cancer Aotearoa Coalition in 2015 because she sees an ongoing need to improve: outcomes for Maori and Pasifika women, access to medicines and medical devices and clinical trials for breast cancer patients in New Zealand.

In 2013 Fay was diagnosed with breast cancer and her focus sharpened and become more personal.

Early in her career she was a business and change strategist for 20 years with KPMG and KPMG Consulting. She managed her own consultancy from 2005-12 and for 7 years was a Crown Owned Entity board member.