Priorities for improved survival and optimising outcomes


13 October 2017
Crowne Plaza

In association with the UNIVERSITY OF AUCKLAND, AND THE New zealand society of oncology (nZSo) Annual Meeting

The Breast Cancer Summit objective is to chart a real vision for the next 10 years through collaboration among New Zealand clinicians, scientists and consumers to drive future research. The majority of research is conducted in New Zealand, by New Zealand researchers, to change the lives of New Zealand women to achieve better outcomes via: improved prevention, earlier detection and deeper molecular knowledge of individual patients' tumours to guide their therapy enhanced by international collaborations.

The Summit is New Zealand focussed, with influential international speakers along with world leading local researchers and scientists.

The Summit will offer those working in the field:  oncologists, scientists, health professionals, regulators and consumers, a unique opportunity to discuss our current state of knowledge, future research opportunities and what our priorities are for improving survival and optimising outcomes.

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Breast Cancer: future direction, research, policy and priorities for treatment in New Zealand


Why a Summit


New Zealand has one of the highest rates of breast cancer in the world.  Breast cancer is the most frequently registered cancer in New Zealand women and is the biggest cause of cancer death next to lung cancer. We are aware that although 83% of breast cancer patients today are ‘cured’ (surviving 5 years or more) with early treatment, 17% become advanced within this timeframe and up to 30% of breast cancers will eventually advance.  

Focus is needed on a wide range of areas in breast cancer and we would like to look at these issues from a past, present and future perspective.

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